Snow Falling Baby Hat

I think the staggering of the white stitches on the main color of the hat look like falling snowflakes – and there are two Nor’easters in one week here in NH so snow is on my mind.

I wanted to add a pompom to the hat but I also wanted to be able so show off the cute swirl that the decrease stitches make at the crown of the hat. The I-cord with the pompom also adds a bit of whimsy.


This version is made from Red Heart so it is machine washable and dryable thought a gentle cycle will keep the I-cord looking good longer.

To make this hat, you will need size 8 double pointed and/or circular needles, stitch marker, pompom maker and a yarn needle.

suppliesBecause the color chart repeat is across 5 stitches, you are going to want to secure the floats so they are less likely to catch. As you can see in the hat on the right, the float are just strung across the back of the knitting whereas for the hat on the left the floats have been secured, or checked, which shortening the float.

checkingFloatsEnough chit chat, lets get knitting.

Download the free Snow Falling 6 to 9 month hat pattern now.

And if you do make one, I’d love to see it here or on my Facebook page.


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