Good Clean Fun

I have been jonesing to make soap since I attended a workshop, but when working with lye, you really need to be outside. And. Well. It’s February. In New Hampshire.

So I cheated just a little – I purchased a melt and pour soap base. This is so cool because the lye mixed with the fat is already done for you so all you have to do is cut the soap base up and melt it.


Since it is February in New Hampshire I decided to go with a moisturizing shea butter soap base. For a little exfoliation, I added in some coffee grounds (just air dried them after we made our pot of morning joe)


And then I poured the mix into some silicone molds – I guess I wont make muffins in these anymore 😉 While everyone recommends misting the tops with rubbing alcohol so  you don’t get air bubbles, I didn’t have any on hand


After an hour, I just popped the soap out of the molds.


The entire project took under 30 minutes and clean up was a snap. No curing like you need to do when you mix the lye yourself – so you could even do this with kids.

The soap has only the lightest of scents, had a nice lather and rinsed off beautifully!

Mr. E has requested patchouli essential oil for the next batch, I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s a link to the supplies I used from Amazon – these are affiliate links so if you buy from the links I do make a small commission:

Silicon Mold

Soap Base

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