Bride of Frankenstein


The best thing about making monsters, is there is no right or wrong. Color, gauge and mistakes don’t matter. They are also fun for learning to crochet or learning a new crochet stitch.

And, with this size bag, you can use for holding library books and other goodies.

For this project I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn in purple, burgundy and black worked with an H hook. While I used paste on eyes, I did add a bit of glue.

I worked the body of the bag in a spiral using half double crochet (hdc) through the back loop (tbl). Once I switched to the black yarn I did a few rounds in single crochet (sc) and then used the half double crochet for the handle.

Foundation round: Chain 30. sc into the top loop of the 2nd ch from hook. Sc into the top loop of each ch across, sc a total of 3 sc into the last ch. now sc into the bottom loop of each ch back across, sc 2 into the last ch. there will be a total of 60 sc. (pictured is the same technique only with fewer stitches)




Body: hdc tbl each stitch for 8 inches

Hair: change to the black yarn and sc for 3 rounds


Round 1: starting from the side edge, 10 hdc. Chain 12 and skip 10 hdc. 20 hdc, chain 12, skip 10 hdc. Hdc in the remaining 10 stitches to complete the round

Rounds 2-3: hdc all the way around

Round 4: slip stitch 10, hdc 12, slip st 20, hdc 12, slip st 10.

Fasten off and tuck the end.


Leaving a 3 inch tail, chain 12. Cut a long tail for sewing

Pull short tail through from front to back where the mouth will end. Using the long tail, sew threw the chains to attach the mouth to the bag. Pull through to the back at the last stitch and tie to the short tail



Attach eyes

Glue eyes in place

Brow Scar:

Using the burgundy yarn, over lay several stitches. Stitch at the center to gather


Please download a free PDF copy of this pattern, Bride of Frankenstein Pattern before 10/31/17.

And as always, if you don’t have time or the supplies, you can visit my Etsy store, You Crafty Thing


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