It’s A Cover Up

If I’ve worn it, it has a stain. I don’t know what gene I have that makes this happen but it is even more likely if I really like the shirt.

This has lead to untold hours searching the web and Pintrest to learn all the secrets for doing laundry and removing stains. I have had some luck, but on the occupation that I am unable to remove the stain (usually from something I really like), I add the new causality to the rag pile. Which now has an entire storage closet in our house – there has to be a better way.

I have found that for some fabrics I can use my embroidery machine, which got me thinking about applique. And while rummaging through the stabilizer drawer in my sewing table I found some Heat n Bond – and a light bulb went off.


After washing and drying my fabric, I placed the fabric print side down and applied a piece of Heat n Bond BEFORE I cut any shapes. This way I only have to cut once and every nook and cranny of my shape has glue.


Now, there are 2 kinds of Heat n Bond. The first one you iron on and that’s it, the second is a little lighter so that you can add stitching.

I had a fairly large coffee stain on my t-shirt, for some extra support I added a zip zag stitch all the way around.


This was so easy I decided to use it for making some monster patches for my nieces and nephews



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