Cast Iron Skillet Croutons

As you may have seen on my Facebook post, I’ve been under the weather so much so that I haven’t even been knitting or crocheting – that is some kind of nasty cold.

I have needed to stay on top of things like feeding Mr. E, Margaux the Frenchie and Lacy – she is our sourdough starter.


Two years ago I wanted to make sourdough bread with  my very own starter that I made myself. After hours of Google searches I found The Bread Geek!

I tried for months to make a healthy starter – so many pounds of wasted wheat berries. I just couldn’t keep a starter alive once I moved them into the fridge.

Defeat 😦

I put away the wheat grinder, the wheat berries and the hopes of every making sourdough bread.

Then back in November, Black Friday  to be exact, rather than going shopping (which I have NEVER done) I pulled out some wheat berries, the wheat grinder and a new sliver of hope. And this time, bubbles, glorious bubbles. I gingerly placed Lacy in the fridge – and checked her every few hours.

The rest is as they say,  history. Lacy is doing so well that I bake 4 loaves a week, give away bread and keep offering Lacy clones to anyone who will listen. this weekend I am going to experiment with dehydrating and re-hydrating so I can mail it to family – but don’t tell them it’s a surprise.

This last week, while 2 loaves of bread where cooling, I found we still had a little bit of bread left in the breadbox. So as I was making a tossed salad for lunch I rough cut the bread into cubes and heated some olive oil in a cast iron pan. Once the oil was shimmering, I tossed in the bread and grilled it. Once the oil was mostly absorbed into the bread I tossed in some salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder.

While this was happening Mr. E was in the background – I can’t believe you are going though this much trouble, I’ve never seen you eat a crouton.

He speaks truth, I always order my Cesar salad with no croutons and will pick them off should I forget – usually with a look of disgust as I flick them onto the side plate the waitress brings over.


But these little chunks of leftover homemade sourdough were crunchy on the outside, soft in the center and had just the right seasoning.

I didn’t think to take a picture of this perfect salad, but the other night after I pull some tomato soup out of the freezer and realized I didn’t have the energy for grilled cheese, I made more croutons. Such happy tomato soup!


Thanks for stopping by, I’ll keep you posted on how things go after dehydrating some starter.


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