Crafting For a Cause, All Year Long

Welcome to 2017! I can’t believe it is the beginning of another year.

When I first started daydreaming about You Crafty Thing a few years ago, I know that I wanted to incorporate the art of giving. So when I sat down and looked at my posts for 2017 I planned out some specific opportunities to craft for a cause.

To kick things off, for every sale on the You Crafty Thing Etsy store in the month of January a hat will be donated to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Brigham And Women’s Hospital.

This is my way of saying “Thank You!” to the anonymous knitter who made a hat that was gifted to our son. She may not have known it at the time she was making the hat, but it was an amazing blessing.

So please join me throughout the month to see my unique hat creations, including the Joshua Beanie, which is the hat pattern I created just for the NICU.


For me, no baby  hat is complete without a cute swirl on the top!


I’m posting hats on the store as quickly as I can photograph them, and with a January promotional price of $5, I don’t expect them to last!

New patterns will be featured each Friday and if you do make one, please share it on Facebook and be sure to visit please visit You Crafty Thing on Etsy.

Happy New Year!




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