Happy New Year’s Eve – early

I think out of all the holidays, New Years Eve get to the award for best dressed.

With that in mind I wanted to have something with a little bling – and if you know me, you know that bling is not part of my regular vocabulary.

Since it’s cold here and we just received 14″ of snow, I figured I needed to keep warm when we go out for our anniversary tomorrow, so I whipped up a snugly winter headband with sparkly beads.

And just for the record, do you know how hard it is to take pictures of yourself wearing a headband without getting your face in the picture? I didn’t get hair or makeup done yet!


The first version was with the variegated yarn but the beads didn’t pop like I hoped so I did the second version in the sold blue.


The first step in knitting with beads is to thread the beads onto the yarn. Once that was done, I cast 82 stitches onto a size 8 circular needle.

Rounds 1-5: K2, P2

**Round 6: Knit even

Round 7: K1, P1

Round 8: K3, bring yarn forward, slide next stitch as if to knit, slide a bead in tight, move yarn to the back (I’ll call t his add in a bead moving forward), *k6, add in a bead* Repeat between *

Round 9: P1, K1

Round 10: knit even

Round 11: k1, p1

Round 12: *k1, add in a bead, k3, add in a bead, k 1* Repeat between *

Round 13: P1, K1**

Repeat from ** to ** once more, and repeat just rounds 6-10 before knitting the ribbing.

Bind off and tuck in your ends.


Thanks for stopping by  this week. Please visit Facebook to share what you’ll be wearing for New Years Eve and be sure to visit please visit You Crafty Thing on Etsy.


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