Let’s not celebrate ugly Christmas sweater day

I saw on the calendar that it’s ugly Christmas sweater day, so I wanted to participate.  Can you believe that I am completely out of traditional Christmas yarn colors!

I started sorting through scrap yarn colors to find yarn balls to see what I could come up – he’s no Frosty or Olaf and Mr. E says I missed the mark on ugly.

Oh well! Here’s how I build a snowman…

With the white yarn, Cast on 34 st for the front of the sweater, with a 2nd ball of yarn, cast on 34 for the back of the sweater.

Work in S1wyib, *K2, P1*. Repeat between * for 4 rows – approximately 1”

Place a marker and Knit across the front of the sweater. Place a second marker and join the back of the sweater. You should now be working in the round.

K even for 6” above the rib

Place the 34 stitches for the back of the sweater on a stitch holder.


***Arm holes

Row 1 (Rs): s1wyib, K2, p1, k across to the last 4 st, P1, K2, P1

Row 2 (Ws): s1wyib, k2, p across to the last 3 st, K2, P1

Repeat rows 1 and 2 six (6 ) more times (a total of 12 rows) ending with a ws row. Cut the white yarn.

Join the black yarn and Work the 1st row of the color change as all k st.


Now work ws/RS repeat for 15 rows, ending with a ws row.

Shoulders & neck preparation

(rs), K 10 st. Place marker

Work the neck over the next 14 st as *K2, M1* ending with a K2. Place marker

K 10 st. Cut black yarn leaving a long tail for seaming the shoulders

You will now have 40 st on your needle – 10 right side of shoulder, 20 neck, 10 left side of shoulder ***

Repeat from *** to *** for the back of the sweater

Seaming shoulders


Use the long tail and Kitchener stitch to seam the 10 st on the left and right of the neck. If you are really afraid of the Kitchener, you could use a 3 needle bind off and have a visible shoulder seam.


Turtle Neck


Starting at the center of the back of the neck, Place a stitch marker to indicate the beginning of the round and join the black yarn.

K across the 10 neck st. At the shoulder pick up st to avoid a gap (i needed to pick up 4), now K across the front 20 st, picking up st at the shoulder, K across the 10 st of the back of the neck to the st marker.

work in *k2, p1* for 1”-2” – this odd stitch repeat is worked over an even number of stitches so we are not going to end the repeat at the beginning of each round.

Bind off stiches and tuck all your ends


With black yarn and 4.50 crochet hook, crochet a chain of stitches in black.

Cut a long tail for sewing

Pull short tail through from front to back where the mouth will end. Using the long tail, sew threw the chains to attach the mouth in place. Pull through to the back at the last stitch and tie to the short tail



With orange yarn, cast on 15st

Row 1: k to last 2, k2tog

Row 2: k2tbl, k to last 2, k2tog

Repeat these rows unit you have 2 st, then k2tbl.

Leave a long tail for attaching to the face

Attach button eyes.


Optional, place a crochet flower or flower button on the turtle neck.


Thanks for stopping by  this week. Please visit Facebook to share your ugly sweater and be sure to visit please visit You Crafty Thing on Etsy.

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