Family Ties

Every year when Thanksgiving comes around I think how great it is that the family takes time out of our busy schedule to spend the day together. We talk about how great it is, how it’s been too long and that we are going to do better to stay in touch.

Then before New Years even rolls around, the routines of daily life have faded our good intentions.

So this year I’m starting a New Years resolution early. I created a cute little bucket of hearts to to help me say “I’m thinking of you”

I found an empty tea tin and spray painted it gold


While the paint was drying I put the name of each person on the front of a heart, and listed the best way to reach out to them on the back. Since my Dad likes emails, snail mail and phone calls, I made him 3 hearts. One of my sisters likes to text, Facebook, email and LOVES getting hand-written cards, so I made her 4 hearts.


I printed on a clear label and cut to fit the front of my tea tin and loaded in my hearts

Now each morning on my way out the door I grab a name out of the bucket and tell my Dad, sister, brother, niece,  “I’m thinking of you”


Thanks for stopping by this week, Jessica

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