Quick Crochet Cufflets

I keep seeing all these images on Pinterest


I can totally relate. Earlier this week I took Margaux out for a wee, and


Not enough to stick to the ground, but snow was falling out of the sky.

In an effort to keep warm when I take Margaux out for a wee, I whipped up some crochet cufflets. Now I look warm and cute, in less than 2 hours. That’s a win-win!

The supply list here is super short:

J crotchet hook

Bulky yarn (5), approximately 100 yards


You are going to need to know how to Chain (ch), Slip stitch (sl st), Half double crochet (hdc) and Half double crochet through the back loop (hdc tbl).

Start off by chaining 28 for a smaller hand, 30 for an average to large hand (I wear a medium Mr. Clean dish glove so 30 was a good fit)

HDC into the 3rd chain from hook and hdc across – 26 hdc (28, 28).

The pattern row repeat on this is ch 2, turn; hdc tbl of each st

Repeat the pattern row for a total of 12 (13, 14) rows


Bind off last stitch but do not cut yarn

To finish, fold the cufflet in half and slip stitch for approximately 2” (2”, 2 ½”)


Slip stitch down just one side of the cufflet for the thumb hole for approximately 2” (2”, 2 ½”)


Resume slip stitching the 2 sides together.

bind off and tuck in ends. turn right side out (so the seam is on the inside)



You can always visit this site for free access to this pattern, but if you would like a PDF download, it’s available for only $.99 on my Etsy store, You Crafty Thing.

And as always, if you don’t have time or the supplies,  you can grab the finished product on my Etsy store, You Crafty Thing


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