Mini monster bags


I made trick-or-treat bags for the nieces and nephews and had small balls of yarn left over. I was tapping my iPhone against my chin trying to figure out what I was going to do with the scraps when it hit me – mini monster bags. And it turns out these fun little bags are just the right size for candy or my cell phone.

To make these pint size bags you only need a few items and about 30-45 minutes




Foundation round: Chain 11. sc into the top loop of the 2nd ch from hook. Sc into the top loop of each ch across, sc a total of 3 sc into the last ch. now sc into the bottom loop of each ch back across, sc 2 into the last ch. there will be a total of 22 sc.




Body: Sc tbl of each sc for 4 ½- 5 inches

Horn: Ch 6 and slip stitch to the bag. Ch 2, turn and sc into the top of each ch st. Slip stitch to anchor and tie off

Eye Brow:

Leaving a 3 inch tail, chain 8. Cut a long tail for sewing

Pull short tail through from front to back where the mouth will end. Using the long tail, sew threw the chains to attach the mouth to the bag. Pull through to the back at the last stitch and tie to the short tail



Attach eyes

Glue eyes in place


You can always visit this site for free access to this pattern. If you would like a PDF download, one is available for $.99 on my Etsy store, You Crafty Thing.

And as always, if you don’t have time or the supplies, you can pick up one of these cuties on my Etsy store, You Crafty Thing

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