A Custom Headband

To start the year off, I needed to do a craft all for me, custom headbands.

Early last year I donated my hair to Locks of Love – a moment of selflessness or shear insanity? Depends on the day you ask. But now 12 months later my hair isn’t long enough to tuck behind my ears and is constantly falling in my eyes. Most of the headbands I’ve picked up at the store have several flaws – they don’t stay in place; are too fat in the portion that goes behind my ears; are too skinny if they fit comfortably behind my ears… and the list goes on and on.

So with some scrap fabric and a small piece of elastic I create my own. Here are directions to make a headband for exactly your size.

Measure from the top of your left ear, over your head to the top of your right ear________ + 4 inches = _______ total length of the fabric.

Measure from the back of your right ear lobe to the back of your left ear lobe_____,  total length of elastic.

Cut a piece of fabric 5“ wide by the appropriate length.

Cut a piece of fabric 5“ wide by the appropriate length

Make a 2”, 45° cut on each corner

HB2     HB3     HB4

Place the elastic on the right side of fabric, fold the fabric in half and pin, make sure the pin is through the elastic.

HB8Mark fabric for an opening to pull the headband right side out and do not sew this area.     HB11

Sew a 1/2” to 5/8” seam, make sure to back stitch over the elastic and at the edges of the opening. Pull the right side out

HB13     HB18

Using a needle and thread, close the opening


Headband complete and hair out of my eyes. Now I can see to make next week’s post


If you want a headband made out of this great sleepytime fabric visit my shop on Etsy

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