Achoo and Bless You

I hate being a sniffler, which is almost inevitable this time of year and so into my overstuffed bag will go travel packs of tissues. What I don’t have to put up with is that stupid plastic wrapper in my purse because I have a fabric tissue holder, or as we’ve been calling it around the house, the Achoo bag.

(1) 6” wide by 11 ½” tall piece of fabric
Sewing machine – though this is an easy enough project to practice hand stitching

Cut (1) 6” x 11.5” piece of fabric – double check your tissue pack is approximately 2 ¼” wide X 4 ½” long x 1” tall.

On each 6” edge, mark ½” and 1 ½” from the top and bottom of the fabric (I digitally enhanced the marks so they would show up better).

Fold and press the ½” mark and then the 1 ½” mark. Stitch fold in place.

Bring both the top and bottom folded edges into the center.

Mark ½” from the left and right edge, then stitch in place.

Turn pouch right side out. Remove tissues from the plastic wrapper and insert into pouch.

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