Trick or Treat Bag

Trick or Treat Bag

I can only remember going trick or treating twice in my life, it was never a very big holiday for us. And even now, there is not a child I know that would brave the hills where I live, even for free candy. But the other day I was in the craft store and they had this adorable fabric so I had to do something Halloween related. I thought “oh, I’ll make a pillowcase. Isn’t that what everyone uses when they go trick or treating?” So, in the spirit of Halloween I’ve designed two Trick or Treat bag options, leave the pillowcases where they are.

Materials Needed:
fabric of desired size, I cut 2 pieces 16” X 24”
Sewing machine ( I used both a button hole attachment  and a ¼” foot)

Take the first piece of fabric and sew the sides and bottom edges. Leave this piece inside out.

On the second piece, sew the sides and bottom, leaving a 4” opening. We’ll use that opening to turn the bag right side out later. Turn this piece outside right and insert it into the first with seams lining up.

Sew the top edge of the two pieces together. This is where I used the ¼” foot.

Once the pieces are sewing together, use the opening in the bottom of the bag to turn the whole thing right side out, sliding the lining into the bag. Using a blind stitch, close the seam.

Rather than straps, I used my button hole attachment and created a handle. Now my bag is completely reversible. If I had had some other fabric that matched I would have made lining a different color.

With some left over fabric I created a second version that does not have a lining but does have straps.

If you don’t have the time to make one of these bags for your little ghost or goblin, you can purchase the samples from this project on my Etsy shop YouCraftyThing

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