Taming of the Thread

Taming of the Thread

I was working on my cases from an earlier post and discovered that a large portion of my time was spent pawing through a drawer packed full of a tangle mass of thread trying to find the right color. However I didn’t know what colors were in the drawer because it was such a mess.  So I spent some time searching online, but nothing was quite right. Either the thread holders didn’t allow me to see the color of the thread easily or they were expensive or they were just so bulky that hanging the unit on the wall would require some heavy duty hardware and I don’t want to patch holes if we ever move. Plus so many of the units were going to be expensive, I have a lot of thread.

So I decided to design my own thread holder. I didn’t want to use a saw, I have some coordination challenges and since I have a stash of fabric almost as unruly as my tangled mass of thread…

I created several iterations and I’m sure that as I have to create more units to accommodate the amount of thread in my crafty room I’ll continue to make adjustments or try different things.

My spools of thread are primarily of three sizes, those for an overlock machine (I’ve decided that due to their shape they will stay in the drawer at this time), 4 ½” spools and 3” spools.

The first one I made works well, but was horrible to construct. (picture of yellow) In the second version I used different techniques but my lines weren’t straight (picture of green)

Materials Needed:

16” wide fabric folded to 4.5” – length isn’t as important since I overlapped the fabric approximately 1” for every spool of thread, but I started with 52” long
Sewing machine

My ½ yard of fabric was 18” X 44 ½” after washing, and then folded to 4 ½” wide by 44 ½”          Sew side seam, I used a ¼” seam allowance
Giving the size of my spools of thread, I cut 5” lengths of elastic
On the back of the fabric, l eave a 4” top to allow for hanging the thread holder. Place a mark at the 4” mark and then at 5” (this is a 1” fold for the elastic). Leave 2” before placing marks for the next spool of thread.

Fold fabric and insert elastic before sewing across the mark on the back of the fabric

One two of my thread holders I used my grommet maker so that I could either hang the holder on a nail or use a ribbon to hand the holder. Not everyone has a grommet maker so I tried a version using my button hole attachment

I still have more thread so I’ll update the later with images of the next version of the thread holder.

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